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Tricks to relocating?

By kharig ·
I currently work for a Fortune 50 company as a tech/sys admin/net admin. I have been there 8 years now, 4.5 of which in IT. Its time to move. I am looking to move about 700 miles away to Corpus Christi Texas. So far my search has been fruitless. It seems a lot of companies state "no relocation". I am quite willing to pay all my own moving expenses. Should I state this in my resume? Is there any trick to getting a job out of state?

Is it time to start begging for jobs? :)


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Might try...

by Salamander In reply to Tricks to relocating?

I have heard of people obtaining P.O. boxes or using friends' addresses in the desired locale. I've even heard of some people going so far as to get cell phones with the desired area code, to make it appear as if they are local candidates.

I don't know that I'd go that far. I've done two things, when in your shoes:

1. Stated in the cover letter that I am relocating to such-and-such city as of a given date, and am available for employment after that time.

2. In another situation, I just picked up and moved, got the local address and phone number, and went from there. That worked the best for me, but that was in better economic times. It depends on your tolerance for risk and other obligations, as well as how objectively marketable you are.

The only other thing I can think of is to network with friends and associates that you may have in Corpus Christi, which I'm sure you've already done.

Good luck.

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Posted to wrong place - no text

by Oz_Media In reply to Might try...
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Same boat

by jdmercha In reply to Tricks to relocating?

I'd like to know this one too. I'm in the same boat, but looking to relocate to Florida.

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Sal's right

by Jessie In reply to Same boat

I've relocated before, just told employers that I was moving to the area after such and such date and would love to talk to them. I've never moved anywhere without having a job waiting for me.

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I did the same looking overseas

by Oz_Media In reply to Tricks to relocating?

I was looking to relocate to England a year ago so I was looking for work in the UK.

Bottom line pretty much need to be there for interviews in the end but you need to get the interviews first, which you can do from home.

I cold called and applied all over England and setup interviews for when I'd be there a couple of weeks.

It turned out I got a different offer and decided to stay here, but still got to meet a few potential employers I had spoken with while in England which was nice.

You need to look at the local YELLOW PAGES, not the newspaper or online ads, they simply do not have any success rate to boast of.

COLD CALL businesses where you are moving to and find out who the president or owner is, GET HIM OR HER ON THE PHONE, not HR!! Or call back when you can.

Pitch them a prewritten sales pitch of who you are, what you are looking for and MOST importantly what you WILL do for the company. Then ask if they will accept your resume for consideration. At this point you will either be told NO, YES or transferred DIRECTLY to HR (who will pay attention when the boss passes them you as an applicant). NO newspaper, no online ad, and often no competition for the job either.

Get your resume out ot them and be prepared to visit for an interview. Get 10 interviews lined up for the same week and go on a job hunting trip.

Once you are there, you can sell yourself, hopefully meet the boss that you initially spoke with etc.

THIS is when you can discuss your relocation plans and that you are willing to pay for it.

MOST people don't get relocation pay anymore, in IT there is a big enough pool of local resources from which they can choose without paying to bring in certain staff.

Bottom line, change your job hunting techniques to what nobody else is doing.
Only speak to owners or presidents!
Sell yourself in the cold call, don't just ask for an address to email a resume to.

Once you resume is sent, create a solid folowup plan.

Go and interview the companies, or as they like to think, let them interview you.

MOVE and start work.

The same system works whether looking for local or overseas work, it is a system, it is proven and yes it works MOST of the time.

Newspaper ads 2%= success rate
Online ads < 2% success rate

Digging for a job by cold calling, targeting and selling them >98% success rate.

Pretty easy choice really!

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I Have to Wonder

by jdmercha In reply to I did the same looking ov ...

I hear this all the time, so I assume it is true. But I would never hire anyone who just contacted me out of the blue.

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I would give preference to it

by Oz_Media In reply to I Have to Wonder

It shows initiative and creativity as well as BALLS!

The worst way to hire someone I could think of is to place an online ad in Monster or something, what a crock that is.

Recruiters would follow a close second.

In all fairness though, do you OWN or operate a company?

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by jdmercha In reply to I would give preference t ...

I do not own my own company, but I am a hiring manager.

By the same token I never buy anything from telemarketers. Even if it is something I want. And telemarketing works too, somebody is buying from them.

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I got my current job

by maxwell edison In reply to I Have to Wonder

. contacting the company out of the blue. They had no ads in any newspapers, no one else gave me their name, and they weren't actively searching to fill any position.

I was living in a different state, ironically enough, about 700 miles away. I pulled out the Yellow Pages and started taking notes. I did a little research so I could attach a name to the company. I started writing letters to those people. After 5 days, I followed up with a phone call to that person to tell him that I would be in town on such and such a day, and asked if he had a few minutes to listen to my ideas. After a week of doing this, I had my choice of three jobs.

Everything Oz suggested works. You may not hire someone who contacted you out of the blue, but 98 percent of others would.

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i don't know

by secure_lockdown In reply to I Have to Wonder

(and i know oz is gonna jump on my back on this one) i get students coming out of the blue giving me their resumes all the time. do you know how many times i have hired them for part-time work? zero. i never call them back. it's hard. you gotta trust someone in you IT shop. last thing you need is to worry about a guy stealing PC stuff.

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