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Trobleshooting restart

By boomio ·
I have a couple of users here how are complaining that after there computer starts up, that alot of the time it automatically restarts. Could anybody help tell me a good way of trying to locate the source of this problem. I've read in other posts that it could be a hardware issue, but the harware on those pc's is the same as everyone else's, but they would use a little extra software that is memory/processor heavy.

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by Black Panther In reply to Trobleshooting restart

Have a look in the "event viewer" on each of the computers that is restarting - ie Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer
It may give you an indication of why the computer is restarting.

Did they all start to "restart" at the same time or different times? If the same time did you load some software onto these computers around that time?

Do you have automatic windows updates running?

Some of the Windows updates have been known to cause restart problems.

You say they use extra software - have you tried uninstalling the software on one of them to see if the problems stops.

Do all the computers get updated with the same and latest virus and anti spyware programs?

Does it happen in SAFE mode.

also can try this

Start Windows XP in Safe mode, and then configure Windows to not automatically restart when a STOP error occurs. To do this, follow these steps:
To restart the computer in Safe Mode when the POST process completes, press F8.
On the Windows Advanced Options menu that appears, use the ARROW keys to select Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.
Select the operating system to start, and then press ENTER.
Log on to the computer as Administrator, and then click Yes in the Windows is running in safe mode dialog box that appears.

NOTE: When the computer is running in Safe mode, your display settings may be set to a lower resolution than you expect.
Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Click Switch to Classic View if Control Panel is not already in Classic View.
Double-click System, click the Advanced tab, and then under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.
Under System failure, click to clear the Automatically restart check box.
Click OK twice.
Close Control Panel, and then restart Windows normally.

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by boomio In reply to Trobleshooting restart

Updates are running(MS and AV) on a overnight basis. What sort of problems would these cause? I ask because these users are the only two who complain about the restart problem and I'm know there is more than just these two users who switch there machines off overnight. Is there a problem with the setup of their computers that cause just these to restart and not others

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Trobleshooting restart

wonder what os and service pack?
windows 2000 and xp are set up out of the box to reboot on system error. can you uncheck that setting (right click My Computer/pick Properties/Advanced/Performance options then uncheck the box that says automatically reboot on system error.
be by the phone after that tho because they will be hung at a blue error screen next system error. (instead of rebooting automatically)
ask them to write it down in entirely for you.
is there nothing in the system event logs on these problem boxes?
to answer your question, i have seen xp printer drivers installed in 2000 cause this and other bad/incompatible drivers. possibly failing hardware like ram or maybe processor that needs reseating...when i have strange intermittant problems like this i ask the users to keep a log of when it happens and what they were doing at the time. just knowing if the problem is getting worse or not can be useful.
if this is xp box, did it used to work fine before sp2 maybe?

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by boomio In reply to Trobleshooting restart

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