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Trojan explorer.exe

By Persevering ·
I recently discovered the trojan "explorer.exe" on my machine (XP-512MB RAM-Intel Processor-1.8 Ghz). It was in a hidden directory "dllcache" masquerading as a dll, but in fact a trojan program called "explorer.exe". After a lot of research, I was able to delete it. For research I used: Microsoft,, Expert Exchange, Panda Software, PC Tools, to name the primary resources. Then using Registry Mechanic, I got rid of extra registry entries. Ran another search tonight and was able to delete 2 invisible "inf" files. In Zone Alarm I now have blocked across the board: "run a dll as an app".

So I now have several questions:
1. Internet Explorer still doesn't run correctly (though is my PC ever fast now). I open the real explorer.exe (in C:\Windows) and it's like I opened "My Computer". I have listed from top-down: Desktop, My Documents, My Computer, My Network Places... There is an address bar at the top of the window, but it just lists the contents of my computer. How do I reset explorer.exe "" to be the default website when I open IE? How do I get the real IE to operate like IE?
2. According to what I read, the trojan came in a bundle. But the bundle isn't working anymore and I received this trojan about 4-6 months ago. Dormat except for the last 12 weeks? I want to have Internet Explorer back, just not the trojan version. How do I configure it correctly?
3. Thankfully I also use Firefox.
4. Some anti-virus software don't consider it a trojan. I do. It had control. And when I started to discover the truth about it, the harder explorer.exe ran from me.
5. When I shut down, I want the IE user not to get lost in the files/drives I already have on the computer, but have continual access to the Internet through my router and DSL modem.
6. Where and how do I now make my homepage? After speaking with 8 different people, I ended up back at Verizon Billing and no answers.
7. Since I actually don?t know how I got this installed, I don?t know how to prevent it from happening again? Ideas?
8. Without my knowledge or desire, could I have sent this trojan to others through email?

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Trojan explorer.exe

Do a complete new install - just in case.
Patch the the max.
Employ good AV software that updates
Employ a HW firewall or turn an old machine into a HW firewall (if you have one).
Don't install free / shareware / P2P software that looks suspect.

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by bertusn In reply to Trojan explorer.exe

Using System Mechanic, this is a very powerfull utility and I got my machine clean, save, and fast again, you can download it, this is a 30 day full version trail, it also comes with an unlocker, so files that cant delete becuase of the proccess being in used will be deleted/renamed/moved aswell,the uninstall all patches, reboot, and reinstall all patches, your pc will be good as new.

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Explorer.exe is NOT Internet Explorer

by robertcoulthard In reply to Trojan explorer.exe

I think you have made an incorrect assumption here. While you probably did indeed have a trojan, explorer.exe is not the application file for Internet Explorer, but for Windows Explorer i.e. My Computer. It is not surprising that you see My Computer when you start that file since that's what it does (in addition to the taskbar, desktop and other things). The Internet Explorer application file is called iexplore.exe and you'll find it in Program Files/Internet Explorer. You can change your homepage (if it's really been hijacked) in Control Panel, Internet Options.

Hope that helps.

BTW if you do find that iexplore.exe has also been tampered with your best bet will be to download the latest version from Microsoft (using Firefox obviously) and reinstall it.

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Internet Explorer never ran correctly anyway

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Trojan explorer.exe

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