Trojan still there after format - help!!!

By pita_ruben ·
Hello guys,

Hope everybody is ok.

Now im starting to be very afraid and confuse. Yesterday I just follow our brother Jacky Howe's instructions to get rip of the virus infection. I repair Windows XP and the problem looked like solved, moments after my laptop continued having problemas with the ndis.sys file and I end up formatting my laptop and installing Windows once again.

Well, when it appeared that the nightmare was over that I was configuring my laptop once again, drivers, application, Antivirus program (Norton Corporate Edition 10.1x plus Symantec Client Firewall) I download the update from another computer and update mi antivirus just to be updated before connection for the first time to the internet.

Well... for my surprise at the moment that it looked safe to go to Windows Update and update my OS, after I opened the IE and click on WU a popup from my antivirus appeared telling me about an infected .tmp file.

Then quickly I run the Malwarebytes program, run it and damn! I found a lot of trojans (See screen shot here: (

I ran this tool to the PC I was in contact and my thumb drive before connenting to my newly installed OS and the Malwarebytes did not find any virus or trojan.

So, what is this, how this thing happen and what can I do?

Im leaving the network cable unplegged until you guys help me find a solution.

Thank you so much in advance for your valuable support.

Hardware: Dell Latitude D630
Software: Windows XP


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Run a scan

by Jacky Howe In reply to Trojan still there after ...

on the other System and while you are at it scan your USB drive.

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Scan MBR

by kpwood In reply to Run a scan

You probably also want to scan your Master Boot Record on start-up. If you have access to the install disc for Symantec it should allow you to boot from the CD and check from there. If you have a MBR virus, it'll keep coming back even if you format.

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Well as you have already repaired Windows

by OH Smeg In reply to Trojan still there after ...

The infection you have caught is a nasty one. What you need to do is Backup all of your Data $ Settings if you have not already and then Wipe the HDD with a Utility like Kill Disc

Use the Single Wipe Option which is free and when the Utility has finished you can reload Windows again and this time install & update your AV Product before attempting to replace your Data.

A simple Format quite often is not enough to kill infections you need to wipe the HDD to totally destroy it.


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Active KillDisk got the job done!

by pita_ruben In reply to Well as you have already ...

I dont know how to thenk you OH Smeg, but with your advise I got rip of that evil induced virus. I just ran the Wipe option that you told me and that made the trick in my laptop.

I will do my best to start contributing the forum because who receive should give back and the true is that you have solved a couple of big issues for me already.

Thank you OH Smeg, Jacky and all of you guys.


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by dixon In reply to Trojan still there after ...

Replace firmware for any and all devices. I've been seeing an increase in firmware infections that survive a reformat.

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Will work on it...

by pita_ruben In reply to Trojan still there after ...

All right guys, let me start working on your recommendation and after go back to you for the feedback.

Thank you so much.

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