Trojan turn my hd NTFS to FAT16(RAW)

By emufun2000 ·
I have a inital 320GB harddisk and was made into 2 partition (C:20gb, 300gb). Yesterday Norton AntiVirus 05 found an unspecific trojan in WINDOWS/TEMP/xxx.tmp (xxx in series number) and unable to delete all "trojans".
When I tried to backup my data, it suddenly pop-up many IE browsers (it's like some spyware being), then I restart to install a new windows copy, it showed my harddisk is 128GB{unknown file system}

Later I put my HD to other machine, My Computer displayed the file system is also 128GM{RAW}, I tried many data recovery tools(Rawrecovery, DataDoctor..etc) but only can find data on first partition(C:20GB). No signal of the rest partition, the data's extremely valued.
Do I need to manually modify mbr or CMOS setup better? any taker?

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Windows Recovery Console

by toughguy000 In reply to Trojan turn my hd NTFS to ...

try the command "fixmbr /device/harddisk0" after booting up the recovery console off your XP disks.

Alternatively there are a few MBR programs out there that can assist you, I don't remember the names of them right now but i believe it shouldn't be too hard to find on Google.

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if data is worth US65 buy parttion magic

by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows Recovery Console

or partition commander

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by Hueristic In reply to if data is worth US65 buy ...

PM 7.0 won'twork forraw to anything tried it.

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File system Changed to RAW... You CAN change it back

by agitator123 In reply to Trojan turn my hd NTFS to ...

I have had this problem more than once, and lucky for me, I did ALOT of research and found a program that works great. "testdisk". I used it every time and had excelent results. it's free, and Windows\DOS based. The new version is the best by far. I recovered my data as fast as rebooting twice after selecting my origional file system, and selecting "write MBR disk". I have seen many with this problem, but no one is willing to share how it's fixed... Here it is. Hope this helps.
By the way this is freeware, and they do ask for donations. This is the best I can do for a great software designer.

TestDisk can be found at:

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Fix Worked!

by Slee_Stack In reply to File system Changed to RA ...

Thanks for the pointer. I was getiing a bit frustrated the SECOND time a HD got converted to RAW. The first time caused me to waste hours recovering it. This time, minutes.

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