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By musicfandeluxe ·
Background info on this particular trojan:

Hacks your hostfile and redirects traffic from google pages mainly to this IP adress:,
The website that uses this adress is:, and is a ***** of a site, mainly containing a load of links to sex and porn sites.

The site is registred to a swedish guy by the name of XXXXXX,
and his e-mail adress is
Phone number : XXXXXX.

Take this information and use it wisely...=)

Best wishes, LAPIZ.

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Questionable practice

by stress junkie In reply to Trojan.Win32.StartPage.vk

You wrote "Take this information and use it wisely...=)"

Considering the fact that you posted the registration contact information your post could be interpreted as meaning that people should harass this person. I believe that this is illegal. I get different registrant information when I look up the address that you posted, (, so you could be misidentifying the "culprit".

Your post could be seen as attempting to incite a denial of service attack by persuading readers to do something with the contact information that you provided. That seems unwise to me.

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So much for assumptions

by jdclyde In reply to Questionable practice

that everyone would be too lazy to verify that information is correct or not before acting on it.

And also take note of how long the poster has been a member of TR. Not exactly done anything to establish his crediblity, now has he?

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Yeah. I don't get it.

by stress junkie In reply to So much for assumptions

Weird. Even if the information was accurate it would be dumb. Could get TR in trouble. Could get himself in trouble. ???

I couldn't find a link on TR to send an email to the staff. I could have chosen from among the staff listed in the blogs but there should be an email address for notifying TR about problem posts like this, since this one is definitely illegal. I was involved in a discussion some months ago about making such a contact available. The consensus, with which I agreed, was that it would be abused with false reports. Hopefully the TR staff will see this post and recognize the legal liability that it creates.

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I sent an email to a TR editor

by stress junkie In reply to Yeah. I don't get it.

Soon after I wrote my past post I sent an email about this original post to a TR editor. I see that some of the information in the original post has been edited out by the system administrator.

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Not the solution I would have chosen

by jdclyde In reply to I sent an email to a TR e ...

First of all, I would have just killed the discussion because it doesn't serve any purpose and as you pointed out it does more harm than good.

If editing, I would have added a note or disclaimer.

Hopefully they at least sent a nasty gram to the poster that this is not acceptable?

Oh well. My work here it done.... (not that I did Anything, but oh well) :)

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