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By patrick_panton ·
I have been requested to supply pc's for distribution in Southern Africa - what do I need to do in the way of prevention (if anything) to combat heat/humidity/insects and lack of air-com?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Tropicalising

monitors also? how about lcd displays, less heat, no moving parts...
who can you ask this who uses computers in South Africa?
what are the computers used for?
are laptops an option? (take less power, make less heat?)

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by TheChas In reply to Tropicalising

Southern Africa should not be too bad. The southern part of Africa has a similar climate to Europe and North America.

Central Africa has a lot more heat and humidity.

Start with a well sealed case.
Pull off the front face of the case to check for "hidden" vents in the front.

Seal unused drive bays with food / aquarium grade silicon sealant.

Install filters over ALL air inlets and outlets to keep dust and insects to a minimum.

With the filters in place, add air inlet fans as needed so that you have a slightly pressurized case.
You want at least 10% more CFM of air in than air out.

For humidity, start by using ALL stainless steel hardware.

Go to Chemtronics, Tech-Spray, or Miller-Stephenson, and buy some spray on conformal coating, and some of their masking tapes.
Carefully cover ALL connectors on the circuit cards and motherboard with masking.
Cover any heatsink fins with the masking too.

Mask off the connectors and screw holes on the drives (use regular drive screws) and the vent hole on the hard drives.
Mask the face of any floppy or CD drives.

Spray 2 or 3 thin coats of the conformal coating onto the cards, motherboard and drives.

With a thick enough buildup of the correct coating, you can make electronics function underwater.


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