Trouble accessing particular website - tried just about everything!

By melodye ·
I am unable to access and from my work computer but am able to access it from my iphone, home computer and other computers outside of my workplace network.

I am using a Windows 7 PC with Norton Internet Security software and prefer using Firefox to IE. I am 'slightly' tech savvy, in other words, if you mention a term I haven't heard before, I know how to google the answer out of it!

I have checked the registry, host files, flushed dns caches, tried diff browsers, restarted pc and modem (yes, i was repeatedly told this!), deleted cookies and tif's, checked and amended security levels and site restrictions, called my network isp, and my websites isp, checked bandwidth levels, searched and filtered through so many tech websites forums and spoke to one too many morons to resolve said issue, but nothing seems to be working. Have I missed the obvious? Or am I not crazy and actually have a problem?

Please help me, it can't be this hard to view this website. Even my grandmother can see it on her computer... Anyone up for a challenge to assist me in accessing this ever so elusive domain...?

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