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    Trouble connecting to Home LAN from wireless laptop


    by bjwepp ·

    I have Network Everywhere wireless router working on home LAN. I have a COMPAQ presario with wireless adapter working on it. I have XPLIO laptop (WIN XP) with Gnet Wireless 802.11G Card installed that came with the laptop. When I start laptop my LAN network is recognized but shows Channel 136 while my router is broadcasting on Channel 6 therfore it does not connect. Any ideas why network shows as channel 136 rather than 6? Also in my Network Connections window it always shows as “not connected”. I can connect to router and internet if I connect an Ethernet cable to the laptop so I know the system can communicate with the router hard-wired. THx to anyone

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      a few more questions…

      by stumpmonkey ·

      In reply to Trouble connecting to Home LAN from wireless laptop

      Are you able to, or have you tried to connect another wireless devices to this router? I’m also wondering what band the router is broadcasting at?

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        Update on my problem..

        by bjwepp ·

        In reply to a few more questions…

        I have been told that the Wireless Card software that came with the Xplio laptop does not have the latest version of the driver so have rec’d info from Xplio as to how to download the new driver that works with the model I have. Will try that tonight and see of it solves my problem. Xplio said that it will .. crossing my fingers!!

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