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Trouble connecting two home PCs through wireless router.

By mpennell ·
I currently have cable internet. My internet is run directly into my wireless G router. I have ethernet running from wireless router to my desktop pc. My laptop is connected wirelessly. I've got both workstations configured in the same workgroup and I have file sharing turned on. How come I can't see what's on the other computer when I browse in my network connections. I actually see the other pc in the workgroup but when I click it to explore I just get an hour glass and eventually have to use task manager to shut it down because it doesn't respond. Any help?

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Transitive authentication

by djameson In reply to Trouble connecting two ho ...

Windows workgroups use transitive authentication (domainless) in a workgroup configuration. You have to have common username/password combinations that match on both machines for it to work, just be careful don't use like me with "blank" as password be reasonable 6 character username and minimum 8 character passwords with at least 2 numbers 1 special character and at least half caps. also make sure that your WINS server entries on both machines are empty.

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Where are the WINS server entries located?

by mpennell In reply to Transitive authentication

All of that you said sounds very reasonable and I feel like I should have caught that after hearing what I should do? I was just curious where I go to see the WINS server entries. Would that be in the registry?

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by djameson In reply to Where are the WINS server ...

transitive authentication has it's subtelties. there is a way around it, if you know the ip and a valid username and password you can make it connect.

you can use a net use m: \\<servers ip> /user:<known username> then it will ask you for the password.

Wins Settings it's in the nic config the easiest way to check is to go start-->run-"cmd"-->ipconfig /all
it will tell you if it is set.

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Still not working...I'm stumped.

by mpennell In reply to WINS

Okay, I've checked the WINS server info and nothing appears to be there. I've changed my user name and passwords so that they match on both pcs now. I'm getting one step farther. I can actually see my workgroup now and see whose in my workgroup (which is just my desktop and laptop). But when I try to access one from the other I get the hour glass again and have to close the program through the TM. I went to my cmd. prompt and typed without the quotes: "net use c:\\<ip address of opposite machine>\user:<username>" to and I've tried replacing the c:\\ with the m:\\ and I still get the same error: system error 67 has occured. The network name cannot be found. Then I tried the command again (both drive letters) except put a space in between colon and back slashes like so: c: \\
Then I get this error: System error 53 has occured. The network path cannot be found. Any more ideas? I appreciate all the help you've given me djameson.

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by djameson In reply to Still not working...I'm s ...

if these boxes are xp run the XP networking wizard, there is an obscure registry setting that it sets I can't remember the key off the top of my head, or I would just tell you how to change it manually. the command for net use is
net use <drive letter to map with : but no \><space>\\<ip address of comptuer>\sharename<space> /user:<username> try net use ? it will give you the command line perameters. also make sure your Firewalls are off!

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Cable interne - Connecting a wireless router to a Desktop and also a laptop

by drrosenblatts In reply to Trouble connecting two ho ...

Hi There

We are about to have cable internet installed - the task has fallen upon me to install the wireless router connection to the desktop PC (XP) and also my laptop (XP)

I read your troubles and realise that you must be quite experienced at making the wireless connection using the router by now. Would it be too much to ask you what the set of instructions are to connect these two XP machines via the wireless router so that both machines use the internet regardless of one another? I am being asked to do the installation - if you can send me any instructions etc.. i would be most grateful indeed.

Warmest Regards

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by silagy In reply to Trouble connecting two ho ...

it could also be your firewall causing problems , windows xp firewall.

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