trouble instaling o/s on a hp compaq dc5000

By jamist ·
i have a hp compaq dc5000 pc the o/s i have no factory **** i do have a copy of xp pro sp2 when ever i try to install i get the same message insert restore plus cd is there a work around ..

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RE:- i have no factory ****

by OH Smeg In reply to trouble instaling o/s on ...

Sorry but I don't know anyone who has one of those.

However if the unit has a SATA HDD and no ability to alter the SATA to Normal or IDE in the BIOS you need to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc and include the SATA Driver as XP does not natively support SATA Drives.

You can use nLite to do this and it's available free here

Just make sure that you read the instructions here before attempting to make a Install Disc

You can download the specific Drivers for your system from HP here


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Reponse To Answer an entirely new meaning to the term "6 Million Dollar Man" and
bionics!! "Factory", much is the "deluxe" model? :)

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to RE:- [i]i have no factory ...

Yep I have to wonder why the Thought of Kryton and his Groinal Attachment immediately sprang to my mind. :^0


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XP SP2 on HP DC5000

by Porterhaus In reply to trouble instaling o/s on ...

We used to deploy these same systems and encountered this issue. You will need to go into the BIOS and change the drive setting to compatibility mode and then you will need a boot disk that has the correct SATA drivers, Windows XP SP2 will not contain these. We used a customized Ghost Boot Disk that had the SATA drivers included along with the system image.

You could always max your system RAM and install Windows 7 (we did this) but these P4 HT systems are old and the performance is not going to be the greatest but atleast this OS will install without having to inject the drivers.

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found HP DC500 specs

by Who Am I Really In reply to trouble instaling o/s on ...

it doesn't have SATA
it uses E-IDE ATA-100 HDDs

Hard Disk Drive -
One of the following:
- 40-GB 7200 rpm SMART III Ultra ATA/100
- 80-GB 7200 rpm SMART III Ultra ATA/100
-160-GB 7200 rpm SMART III Ultra ATA/100

2nd hard drive,
- 40-GB 7200 rpm SMART III Ultra ATA/100
- 80-GB 7200 rpm SMART III Ultra ATA/100
-160-GB 7200 rpm SMART III Ultra ATA/100

if there is any recovery partition on the HDD
DBAN the HDD or install a new HDD then attempt the install

also check the XP install disc,
if it is not an OEM System Builder, Retail or Refurb MS labeled Hologram disc
that's a problem

XP only comes on one disc for each version / type
(Home & Pro / OEM system builder, Retail, Refurb, Upgrade)
with the exception of XP Media Center which has 2
(1 for the OS and 1 for the Media Center install )
- OEM system builder = 1 disc
- Retail = 1 disc
- Refurb = 1 disc
- Upgrade = 1 disc

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