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    trouble installing


    by neonnub ·

    I’m having a problem trying to install a game on my computer. I have tried both downloading then installing from the internet and using the original cd the game comes with. the problem is that every time i do this my comp wants to install my old modem. after it installs the hardware it goes back to windows and doesn’t do anything else for installation. if I try after it installs the modem drivers it will just repeat the same process. I have removed this modem and switched to road runner a few months ago as well as deleted the old modem program from the add/remove in the control panel. What can i do?

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      by robo_dev ·

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      it sounds like the setup program for your modem has the same name as your game setup program (setup.exe?) and that file exists on your hard drive somewhere. You need to find and rename or delete the modem install program.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      The name of the game wouldn’t hurt here either as some are on line games and try to install a modem driver before they will allow the game to install. Sometimes they don’t see a Cable Modem as a viable Internet connection and will not proceed unless there is a Dial up Modem connected.


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