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Trouble joining 2k3 domain

By z3masterd ·
I need some help here guys. I just installed server 2003 on this machine, promoted it to
domain controller, and I let it configure DNS at the end of the AD install. I have 2 other
machines, one running XP, one running 2k, and then on the XP machine I have Virtual PC
running XP. The Virtual PC is the only one that can function on the domain. It joins fine,
then it can log on, and read/write to folders on the DC. However, when I try to join the
domain on the XP machine, sometimes it will join, sometimes it wont, error message of "a
domain controller for the domain could not be contacted" BUT it will NEVER let me
log into the domain. I get the error message "domain is not available " As far as the 2k
machine goes, it wont even
join the domain. After it prompts for name and pass of an account that can add the machine,
it waits close to half a minute, then tells me "The following error occured attempting to
join the domain "name": The network path was not found. The odd thing here is that I can
map network drives to the DC from the 2k machine. All of these machines can ping one another
by IP address and host name. They can all access the internet. Physically, all 3 are
connected to the same router, which has them all listed in the DHCP table as obtaining an IP.
Why is it that only the Virtual PC can join the domain, whereas the 2 physical machines cant,
even though they can ping the DC by host name and IP, and he can ping them by host name and IP?
Any help is greatly appreciated, please let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks.

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by jon In reply to Trouble joining 2k3 domai ...

The only time I've had this problem in the past is when the DNS information wasn't entered into the TCP config of the workstation's NIC.

Try setting your DNS on the workstation to point directly to the DC. If that doesn't work, then perhaps there's a problem with either DNS on the server or DHCP.

Rename the workstation and make sure the previous name is not in the computer list in AD.

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by z3masterd In reply to Trouble joining 2k3 domai ...


You were right sir. I added the IP of the DC as preferred DNS and it goes right in. Thanks alot man.

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