Trouble on boot up

By bulldoggy_27 ·
Have been having some slowness on bootup. Now after unexpected problem that create a booting loop. Took out drive and will not go passed post. Took out everything except dvd drive with windows cd inside, (after almost 10 minutes) managed to change BIOS to boot from cd. Save and restart and
i get no where. I see the BIOS splash screen, I see the light run on the dvd drive but nothing ever happens after that point and even waited as much as 15 minutes. Any ideas as to what my problem is? or how to fix it?

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Some info required first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Trouble on boot up

What computer is this? Make and model?

"Now after unexpected problem that create a booting loop." - What was this unexpected problem?

"Took out drive and will not go passed post" - If you mean the hard drive, then the computer has nowhere to go after the POST, unless you put the hard drive back in.

Have you tried any other optical discs in the DVD drive? Perhaps an audio CD or a DVD film, or another bootable CD/DVD?

Check the surface of the DATA SIDE of this CD for any finger marks or scratches. If it needs cleaning you should use a lint-free cotton cloth, rubbing outwards from the centre to the outer edge, all round the disc.

When was the last time that the DVD drive actually did anything? Did it work then?

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by bulldoggy_27 In reply to Some info required first ...

built myself

opened a file folder and it wasnt proper and instantaneously rebooted

when I managed to get into bios which took a few minutes I changed to boot from the CD

drive about month and half old never any issues and was used earlier in the day

the windows cd that i was trying to use is clean and no fingerprints

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Well as it is a White Box

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to reply

What type of Power Supply does it have?

9 times out of 10 with Computer Problems these can be traced to a failing Power Supply which is substandard or has taken a Hit which has degraded it enough to start to cause problems.

A good PS is supposed to protect the insides of the case from the Junk on the Mains and in a severe case sacrifice itself to protect the insides of the computer.


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Well as stated above we need more information

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Trouble on boot up

But if you constantly left Optical Disc's in the Optical Drive the most likely thing is that the LED that generates the Laser Beams has lost intensity and you need to replace the Optical Drive with a new one.

You shouldn't leave disc's int he Optical Drive unless you are using them. If you need a specific Disc's int he Optical Drive load a Virtual Drive and copy the Disc tot he HDD. That will do away with the need to have a Disc in the Optical Drive and will also improve the performance of the system reading from the HDD instead of an Optical Drive. The Performance can be up to 100 Times faster doing things that way.

Of course if that's not the issue you'll need to tell us what Hardware you have.


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