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    Trouble printing comments in Adobe Acrobat 7.0


    by raj ·

    My group is experiencing problems with our ability to print comments in .pdf files we receive from outside of our department. Currently, someone will make electronic edits to a .pdf file, then send this file to our group. We then get that .pdf file and open it to display the electronic edits. Often, we want to print out the electronic edits so that we can view the edited .pdf as a printed document. We are having problems displaying the comments in our printed pages the way we’d like to see them. The problem is that when we go to print the file, the first page does not print properly showing the comments. We do File>Print with Comments Summary… and then select the print option of Document and comments with connector lines on single pages. What happens is that the first page *text* does not print, but the comments box *does* print on the first page, only it points to nothing. There is no text showing.

    Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    We are using Adobe Acrobe Professional 7.0 (version 7.0.9 to be exact)

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