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    Trouble Querying Database


    by brian.m.waters1 ·

    I have a table with a list of issues (includes duplicates) associated with a file name. There is a separate query that’s linked to this table by file name and includes about 10 calculated fields associated with the file name (no duplicates). I would like to create a query that will add the 10 calculated fields together and sum them up by Issue#. Example:

    Issue# FileName
    CR1 a.txt
    CR2 a.txt
    CR2 b.txt
    CR2 c.txt

    FileName HrEst STEst BuildEst
    a.txt 2 3 4
    b.txt 1 4 6
    c.txt 2 4 5

    So for CR#1 I should get 9 and for CR#2 I should get 31. Understand? Any help would be GREATLY appreciatd. Thanks.

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      Thinks so

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Trouble Querying Database

      Select Table1.Issue, Sum(Table2.Calc1 + Table2.calc2 …Table2.calc10)
      From Table1,Table2 Where Table1.Filename = Table2.Filename


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