trouble setting up a home network with problems

By sdavis ·
I am trying to set up my wireless home network between a Dell desktop and laptop with a Linksys network router and card. I have both the router and card hooked up and they are both showing that they see each other, are connected and have a strong connection. I cannot see anything in either of the network places on either computer though. i know i am missing something stupid and simple or i am not looking in the right place but i can't figure out what it is. Please help - thanks in advance for your time.

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For Starters

by The Scummy One In reply to trouble setting up a home ...

do you have a firewall running on either of the computers? (like the Windows firewall, zone alarm, security suite, etc.).

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by sdavis In reply to For Starters

i have it with both of the firewalls turned off.

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any place to find instructions

by sdavis In reply to firewalls

Is there any place on the internet that outlines the specific instructions on what do to set up a wireless home network all the way to opening files on the computers? i would love this person if it is out there!!

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If I am reading this correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to trouble setting up a home ...

You have a Dell Desktop and some NB that you want to connect Wirelessly. But is the Dell connected through a Wire to the Router.

If it is connected by wire and the other is by a Wireless connection you'll need to open the Control Panel of the Router and bridge the Wire and Wireless Networks together. If you don't do this they will remain isolated from each other.

As for the computer that you are connecting by the Wireless Connection did you follow the directions in the Users Manual and enter whatever security that the Wireless Access Point has? It is not enough to run the Setup Wizard and then show WiFi Connection being available you need to setup the computer in question to access that WiFi Connection by running the utility that comes with the OS or the Hardware it all depends on what you have there. You'll also need to enter the MAC, SSID WEP Key or whatever the WiFi Access point has so that you can actually connect to the WiFi Access Point. Or at the very least turn off this Security Feature in the WiFi Access Point and allow anyone within range to have unlimited Access to your Internal LAN. Not a great idea unless you are in the middle of nowhere without people close by.

So assuming that you have installed any hardware and the software Drivers for that Hardware you then need to setup the Wireless connection with the Wireless Connection Wizard in Windows or the Wireless Connection Manager if you are using the Intel WiFi Manager.

Then if one computer is wired to the Router and the other connects wirelessly you'll need to enter the Routers Control Panel through your Web Browser by typing in the HTTP address and entering the User Name & Password. Then once inside the Control Panel make the required changes and save the settings. If you have not checked the Firmware version of the Router do it before you do anything else and update as required then make whatever changes you need to.

This is all in the Users Manual that comes with the Linksys Device but that Manual may not be a printed paper it may be a PDF File that you need to read.


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Same workgroup??

by 1bn0 In reply to trouble setting up a home ...

Have you configured both machines for the same windows workgroup "WORKGROUP" is default in XPPro and "MSHOME" is the default for XPHome.

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