trouble sharing fax on w2k server to xp clients

By jordan ·
Hi there,
I recently upgraded from an XP pro "server" to a 2003 Server. I want to
take advantage of the faxing services for my Windows clients.

I have set up the 2003 Server to be able to send faxes. I can see the shared fax from an XP Media client. When I try to send a fax to the server from the client, it goes through the motions of sending the fax (no errors or warnings) but an entry never appears in the out queue on either the client or the

Now if I go to the printers and faxes page (not the fax console) on the client and look at the list of devices, the server's shared fax has a '1' in the "documents" column.

Another issue I have is the server picks up on the second ring and does not let the answering machine get a chance to pick up (we have a small office with a single phone line.) I know it is possible for the two to share the line as the old fashioned "normal" fax machine does this now.

Eventually I'd like the server to receive faxes and email them to the admin (is there a way to forward them to specific recipients?)

Is there any good article that can help me with this setup? I have been searching, but there is not a lot of _useful_ information.

thanks in advance for any help you can give me,

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trouble seeing shared faxes on xp clients from Win2K3.

by graphx In reply to trouble sharing fax on w2 ...

I have done a ton of searching, and Win2k3 Server Fax services have not gotten much documentation or help for Microsoft or it's community.

The Win2k3 sever can send and recieve faxes. I can even see them in their folders and open them on the server, but for some reason I am unable to get any of the XP clients to see the recieved faxes. I think it might have something to do with permissions, even though I know I have set them on the fax printer to what I would consider to be correct permissions.

I anycase it is not working and i am at a loss of how to fix it. I would appreciate any help on the issue.


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by slarkin In reply to trouble seeing shared fax ...

For XP users to see the reply you have to

1st: Open Microsoft fax service manager
2nd:right-click fax (local)
3rd: click the security tab
4th: Add whatever users you want to see the documents and give them the permission "Manage fax documents"

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