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trouble starting up computer

By glendapotter ·
I run windows xp on a hewlett packard pavilion 500 and when i boot up the computer i get a black screen that says windows did not load successflly. and gives me options of safe mode or others to start in. no matter what option i select it acts as if it is going to start as usual but then it takes me to a blue screen and then back to the black screen with the safe mode options. i can not get the pc on passed this at all. could it be a virus?

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by gkheart1 In reply to trouble starting up compu ...


I'm not sure about the virus thing. I guess it could be. Have you tried booting into safe mode. Use the F8 key at the HP splash screen. If it will boot to safe mode. Then maybe it will let you run system restore and you can take it back to a known good config. Good luck.
Regards, Gil

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by dmiles In reply to trouble starting up compu ...

A virus may not be the problem,you should try troubleshooting the memory making sure that the modules are the same and seated properly.

Check the graphics driver,update the latest driver from manufacturers web site.

Also you should check the BIOS configuration to make sure that you have bus speed and cpu speed are properly set.

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by Oz_Media In reply to trouble starting up compu ...

I would also echo dmiles in that it is a graphics card issue. If you can't boot to Safe Mode and check the drivers and have a computer with a built in card/chipset with another graphics card (GeForce or ATI or whatever) added, swap the monitor to the built in port and remove the after market card.

Once you get into safe mode check the device drivers.

You might also want to try pulling out the network card (again if not buit-in).

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by shuja52 In reply to trouble starting up compu ...

You may probably instaliing a Grey copy of Windows XP and not supplied with the PC itself, it will not wqork until you have arranged proper drivers for HP 500

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by kannuvappa_ngr In reply to trouble starting up compu ...

try re-installing winXP otherwise check the RAM

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by OTL In reply to trouble starting up compu ...

Sounds like you are trying to load XP (which you managed to do) on a PC that does not have enough useable memory for XP to run correctly. Go back to Win 98/SE/ME (although I do not think ME was available on the 500) and will boot fine, or add memory.

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