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Trouble w/ printer sharing on network

By rjheppler ·
I will give you some background first. I have a small network that is hooked into a linksys 4 port router. We need extra ports so I bought a 16 port switch. Right now we can share internet access and one Konica 7115 PCL6 copier/printer. The printer is directly connected to one of the computers by a parallel printer cable. I plugged a line in on the Linksys router's uplink and plugged the other side into port #1 on the switch. I was told this switch should work. I then plugged the two computers(one being the computer w/ the direct line to the printer) and a new 3rd computer into the switch and left one computer attached to the Linksys router. I was able to set up a network and share the internet access but could not get the printer to be shared. I even spoke with Konica and we made sure all the settings were correct to share. We do not use a server but use SBC for internet and webhosting. I was told it should share anyways. Someone else told me I would have to assign ip addresses and connect the printer to the network via a ethernet cable. The printer is capanble of doing this. How would assign ip addresses anyway? Am I missing something or is this the only way to get them to share?
Also, I might be able to convince my boss to buy a simple server(we don't share very many files or have a lot of traffic on our website). I know this is the best way to eventually get there but would prefer a cheaper solution.

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by Antknee26 In reply to Trouble w/ printer sharin ...

Netgear sells a small cheap print server, the size of a 4port hub which can make it a network printer. But first, make a few test folders and share them on the pc with the printer. Try connecting to the machine with the printer through one of the other two. Can you browse any of them? Is the machine with the printer a domain controller or a workgroup? And the other two pcs?

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by CptOmlly In reply to Trouble w/ printer sharin ...

From your question, I assume that you have the optional network interface KN-305 with this printer. You should see a network port on the printer near the parallel cable connector. If not, you will need to contact Konica to purchase one. If you do have it, read on.

First of all, you need to find out what the IP address and subnet the router assigns via DHCP. I would guess it will be for the router and through for the client PC's. The subnet is You can verify these addresses on the PC's by Start>Run, type cmd (NT/2000/XP) or command (win9x/ME). This should get you a DOS box and you enter "ipconfig". You should get a listing for IP address (, Subnet mask (, and Default Gateway ( NOTE: I assume that you have a Linksys BESFR41 router with default settings.

There are multiple model designations for Konica 7115 (with or w/o fax unit) that have different setups. You should be able to refer to your IP-413 user guide. That manual is available for download here: (Refer especially to sections 6 and 7) You will want to set up your printer with an IP address outside the range that it assigns dynamically ( would work if my information is correct). The subnet and default gateway would be the same as the client PC?s ( subnet and def.gateway) Then you will set up the printer on the PC?s (see section 7 of manual for details for specific Windows versions). I recommend using the LPR for Windows 2000/XP. Windows 98 doesn?t support LPR, so you will have to use the peer to peer setting in the printer driver.

Hope this gets you started. Feel free to email me through Peer Directory if you have general questions.

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by rjheppler In reply to
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by rostman In reply to Trouble w/ printer sharin ...

You do not need to purchase anything. The linksys router should assign IP addresses to all the workstations. You then get the printer runnng on the machine it is attached to. Once you are printing, you create a new TCP port on each of the other machines which in turn attach you to the workstation and printer. It takes two minutes a machine.

Send me your email address to and I will send you a graphic document walking you though the process.

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by johnstoncomputers In reply to Trouble w/ printer sharin ...

i would have to agree with the print server situation. i have recently setup a network using a u.s.robotics wireless router and had the same problem when trying to print from a machine other than the one the printer was networked from. as the router i bought was a print server as well, i uninstalled the networked printer from the main machine and used the printer server that was built in the router. now, i have no problems with any of the computers trying to use the one printer.

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by wlbowers In reply to Trouble w/ printer sharin ...

The linksys auto assigns tcpip addresses to machines as the boot up.

You have a chance at some time for a machine to get a different address.

By assigning a fixed address to the Konica it will ignore the linksys and once you have set up the printer on all of the computers you won't have to worry about address confusion.

You will have to document the current addresses in use.

Use winipcfg on 98 and me machines.

From a command window type ipconfig on 2000 and xp machines.

Write down the gateway and subnetmask. You will need it to program the Konica.

Good Luck Lee

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by rjheppler In reply to Trouble w/ printer sharin ...

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