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Trouble with Active Directory

By calixtoh ·
I have a domain with two domain controllers (DC1 and DC2)
I can access resources in DC2 from DC1 but not from DC2 to DC1, there are also troubles in replicating AD from DC2 to DC1, I mean I create a new user in DC2 and it is not replicated to DC1 for example.
I have event ID 1000 "Windows cannot access the registry information at ...." every 5 minutes in DC2.
Can anybody help me, please?

Thanks a lot

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AD Troubleshooting

by BFilmFan In reply to Trouble with Active Direc ...

Which event log is reporting that issue?

Which version of Windows server is this?

What other event ID's are being reported in the event logs?

One of the things to check is to open a command prompt and run the following commands:


This will flush your DNS information, the arp cache and then register the server with WINS and DNS.

You can also use the Microsoft provided tool DCDIAG with the following parameters to generate a text file which you can read for issues the DC is reporting:

dcdiag /v /e /f:dcdiagLOG.txt /ferr:dcdiagERROR.txt

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UPDATE: Trouble with ADS

by plditallo In reply to Trouble with Active Direc ...

Hi there--
Can you tell me a bit more about your environment or whether you have an accompanying error messages? For example have you recently upgraded the opsys on the primary domain controller--or changed the DNS suffix of the computer name of perhaps a new or upgraded domain controller? Sometimes you'll get the ID 1000 with a message like "domain controller for [yourdomainname.local] could not be contacted", etc. Other causes might be group policy failures, because the security can't be propagated, etc. Sometimes there might be more than one network adapter on a box--or the network adaptor's binding order might be incorrect, etc. -- anyway, there are several possibilites--

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AD trouble

by calixtoh In reply to UPDATE: Trouble with ADS

the matter in fact is that both DC are claiming to be the primary DC in the domain.

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