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    Trouble with Ad-aware


    by jgavazzi87 ·

    I have been running ad-aware for about two months now and it usually runs pretty smooth but lately it has been getting stuck on the “deleting selection” screen. When I bring up the task manager it doesnt say that is it Not Responding. I can’t figure out why it does this so anything that could help would be appreciated

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      by faith_michele ·

      In reply to Trouble with Ad-aware

      Check that you have the latest version- SE Build 1.05.

      Check for updates.

      They do have a user forum at the website-

      If you have problems after that, try to uninstall it, then re-install it. Sometimes I find this step easier then trying to figure out what is wrong.

      Hope this helps,

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        by mmakatta ·

        In reply to Hello….


        Michelle is quite right!. I had similar problem with the program and the best solution for me was to uninstall it, run the Disc Cleanup wizard [Start> All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disc Cleanup], and then re-install the latest version of Adaware. If you have a registry cleaner program, I recommend you also run that to clear up clutter in your system’s registry.

        Hope this helps.

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          spyware list

          by glyall ·

          In reply to Adaware

          check this site
          it tell you what files to delete and registry entrys to delete

          some spyware is starting to goof up spyware checkers

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      Deleting ….

      by mcs-1 ·

      In reply to Trouble with Ad-aware

      I’ve found that this deleting phase is proportional to the amount of crap on a system. At first I was resetting the computer when this got ‘stuck’ there. One day I decided to leave it alone and see what would happen, and it just got hung up on removing ‘something’, but AdAware eventually ended normally … just took a long, long time. I’ve found that this is also the place where AdAware gives you the option to remove stuff on the next boot (besides putting it into the start-up with switches).

      I’m sure there is probably a genuine hang-up, but so far I’ve just found that patience is my answer.

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        Boot to Safe Mode

        by omg74 ·

        In reply to Deleting ….

        I had similar problems with adware and found if I boot into Safe mode and ran adware the hang did not occur.

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