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Trouble with an old Alienware computer

By slash.revolver ·
So a week or so ago I helped my friend upstairs move out of his apartment and as a gift for helping he gave me this old Alienware computer he had. (This has got to be pretty old, it looks nothing like the Area-51s they make now)

I didn't have a monitor to start with so it sat in my apartment here for a week or so and I just got a monitor back here yesterday. So I plug the monitor into the wall and the computer, check all connections leading to and from the computer and start the thing up...the monitor won't come on...

So i check the monitor on another computer and it's working just fine. I then shut off the Alienware computer and open up the case to look at the video card, it looks just fine connections wise but then i notice how much dust and crap is prevent the fan on the card from spinning, I figure that could be the problem with the monitor not working because a lot of computers and computer accessories won't start if the fan can't or won't spin. I then end up taking the video card and taking one of those air cans and cleaning every crevice on the fan and put the video card back in exactly as it was.

I plug the computer back in, plug the monitor in, flip the switch on the back, and press the power button and...it wouldn't start...I don't know what I did but it just wouldn't start. So I flip off the switch on the back and unplug it again, let it sit for 5 minutes. I plug it back in, switch on, and press the power button and it starts but still no monitor but when it started I heard three beeps and after about 10 seconds it turns off again by itself. Then, every time I pressed the power button after that the HDD light flashed but the computer wouldn't turn on so I gave up on it for the day.

Now this morning I flip the switch on and and press the power button and it starts but still no monitor working and it shut down by itself. I then just said essentially "F*ck it", forgot to turn the switch off, sat down, and started playing around on my laptop. Then the computer started powering up by itself and still keeps doing it if I leave the switch on and let it sit there but it always stays up for just a little but and shuts itself off or it stays on for quite some time but the HDD light doesn't go on or blink at all.

My question is essentially, given that information, what kind of problems am I looking at? Is it a power supply issue? A motherboard issue? Is this computer pretty much toast?

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For starters, the power supply-

1). Get another and test it out.
2). Graphic card. get another one to test out.
If there are any more beeps let us know. but the first port of call will be the power supply.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Well I learned what the problem is

by slash.revolver In reply to For starters, the power s ...

Well the guy neglected to mention to me before today that there were parts missing from the computer that won't allow it actually work...but thank you very much for your help.

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HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :^0 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Well I learned what the p ...

What - no apology ?

Of course it wasn't your fault was it? Nah, it was that fool of a neighbour that gave you the computer in payment for helping him move all his gear out of his apartment, emitting blood sweat and tears in the process no doubt.

Some friends you've got pal.

If that were me, I'd have listened to what he had to say to me, then introduced him to the sharper side of my tongue, not to mention my knuckles!

I'll bet he laughed all the way to his new apartment. After all, he'd even saved the expense of disposing of hazardous material! :^0

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You will have to

by Jacky Howe In reply to Well I learned what the p ...

work out what is missing if you want to use it.

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