trouble with dvd and hard drive on sata

By terrence.harman ·
I have just installed a samsung dvd rw onto a raid pci card my HD is already on sata from the motherboard but it will only recognise the dvd rw as another hard drive what have I done wrong please help

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Is th DVD-RW also SATA?

by dmciltrot In reply to trouble with dvd and hard ...

I am guessing that your new DVD drive is also a SATA device, but, you must only have 1 SATA port on your mobo and that is currently being used by your hard drive? Do I have that correct?

If so, did you install the driver for your DVD-RW? And does that PCI card have a control panel that you can choose what type of device is connected to it?

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dvd rw sata

by terrence.harman In reply to Is th DVD-RW also SATA?

Yes the dvd rw is a sata device i did not install a driver for this the pci card has no control panal that i can find I have tried to accsess it with f4 but it will not open.

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The Samsungs aren't that great

by CG IT In reply to dvd rw sata

If this is one of the Samsungs many users have reported that the SATA burner is still seen as Mass Storage by mainboard BIOS's. If you run a RAID Array, and you plug this in to onboard SATA controller the SATA RAID utility will see it as a HDD.

If you use a SATA PCI controller card, they you need to load up the PCI controller card drivers which will control the SATA DVD burner.

that's about all I know about SATA DVD drives.

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