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Trouble with group policies

By Shanghai Sam ·
Have user control techniques via policy files changed from win 98/win 2000 and win 2000 server with Active Directory? We have set up a win 2K server, defined a domain, activated Active Directory, setup a win 2k Pro workstation, and successfully logged in to the server. We then attempted to setup organizational units and users, as per the windows 2000 server step-by-step guide. However, upon login, the policies are not affecting the workstation. We have used policies before to control workstation access and appearance on our novell network. We have been through the Microsoft site for group policy instruction as well as manuals on win 2k server and AD setup - is there any DLL or registry settings that need to be modified before the policies will be read by the workstion?

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Trouble with group policies

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Trouble with group polici ...

The answer was found after back tracking through the workstation setup and recognition to the domain. There was a difference between the workstation identification name on the server and the workstation id name at the workstartion in win2k Pro. Active Directory did not like that. There appears to be a length of workstation name limitation in AD - just because, the workstation, which was named with a 15 character name, was accepted into the domain (without any descrepancy message) does not mean that it will be controlled in the prescribed fashion by group policies. Win 2K Server/AD truncated the workstation id to maybe 12 characters, thereby not recognizing for group policy purposes. Make sure the name at the workstation and at the server match - then everything seems to work fine. We were not aware of nor saw definition of naming directions. The solution lay in the discovery of a unknown ommision in procedure. We believe this to be the solution.

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