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    trouble with McAfee


    by hal9008

    I just upgraded my year old Dell system to windows 2000 and my McAfee virus scan has started acting up. Whenever I boot up, if I don’t disable it right away (as soon as the Vshield icon appears in the taskbar) my system will reboot. If anyone has any insight to this problem, I would appreciate your help.

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      Your McAfee Troubles

      by jtm44757

      In reply to trouble with McAfee

      Ok. What version of McAfee? 4.0.3 with Service Pack or 4.5.0? The company I am currently contracting with just rolled out Windows 2000 Professional, upgrading from Win95/NT. McAfee requested we upgrade to 4.5.0 and make sure we keep the Scan Engineand DAT’s current. As of this writing it is Scan Engine 4.1.20 and DAT 4.0.4113. Try this newer version. 馃檪

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        Service Pack

        by jls

        In reply to Your McAfee Troubles

        There is also a service pack for version 4.5 which will bring you to version I had problems with 4.5 and Windows 98 until I applied the service pack.

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          service Pack Reply

          by jtm44757

          In reply to Service Pack

          I read where that Serive Pack for 4.5 had problems. I will contact McAfee ans ask them. Thanks!!!

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      McAfee Firewall

      by larry.peck

      In reply to trouble with McAfee

      Recently I bought Virus Scan and got Firewall
      free. Well I have Windows 2000 and Virus Scan would not work. $150 later their tech told me that the version of software that I was using was not compatible with Windows 2000. He let me download a patch from them and it now works fine. If you have any ideas of how to get firewall to work I’d be glad to hear from you.

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        by mchung

        In reply to McAfee Firewall

        after I install McAfee virus scan 4.51 version
        configure auto update now and get the error message “unable to execute the LWI.exe” file
        I remove and reinstall it again get the ” internal error 2356. ” when I open console and
        get “AvSync Manager” error is any body have this
        problem before please give me a hand. thanks.

        Mike Chung

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