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trouble with mouse

By nripennnath ·
May anyone please help me how to sove problem when mouse does not work.The arrow does not move with movement of mouse and eventualy I have to shut off the computer only to restart to operate the machine. Is there any way to operate without shutting off the computer?

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by dmiles In reply to trouble with mouse

I had set up several engineers laptops in a domain such as you describe and had the problem of the laptops would NOT log into the domain account on the laptop AFTER receiving DHCP from a customers (different) domain. Never did find an answer as to why. Tried to increase the tombstone time but did not have any sucess.

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by dmiles In reply to trouble with mouse

You did not specify the type of mouse you are using,PS2 or USB connection
1)Check the connections to make sure they are plugged in properly
2)Open the device manager and look at the mouse,if it ahs a yellow exclamation mark then trouble shoot by reloading the mouse drivers
Try another mouse to see if the first one is gone on the blank and you need a new one

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by cpeterka In reply to trouble with mouse

USB Wireless?
Check the battery in the mouse.
PS/2 plugin? Check your drivers to ensure it reads from the mouse, and not just the laptop button/pad.

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by richard.thomas In reply to trouble with mouse

Normally I find it is a program running in the background. I Ctrl-Alt- DEL and kill off the program locking it. I find it is usually a site IE is on and just kill off IE.

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by claude In reply to trouble with mouse

It was not clear if you are using a rolling ball mouse or an optical mouse. The ball mouse has its own inherent problems with the internal rollers that track the balls motions. They become dirty and fail to reliably track the balls movements. The optical mouse does not have internal components that mechanically move, there fore does not suffer from these conditions..
In answer to the question of not having to reboot, if the mouse is a USB connected mouse, you may safely remove and reconnect it while the PC is running. If the mouse is the PS2 connection, or the older AT style connector, you should power down first, then reconnect and reboot to avoid electrically frying the mouse or board. Claude

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