Trouble with upgrading system

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I recently had to upgrade my PC. My hard drive went kaput. So I got a new one and decided since doing that I need a new case. So i moved the componenets over that I wanted to and tried to install Windows XP. It uploaded but my stock motherboard wouldn't allow internet connection and I was not able to upload any of the drivers to it because windows said I was not signed in as adminstrator, but I was. So I then tried using the recovery discs I have for the PC...all went well at first then I got error message that the SW BUild is not identical to the rec. dics set up so I need to contact HP for new discs...(it used sysprep.exe) I tried overriding this but soon found that my new 500G hard drive was now only 15g. Any suggestions?

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I'm not really sure what you are asking here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Trouble with upgrading sy ...

But if ti is how to get the HDD size back provided that you originally had a 500 GIG HDD and not something around the 15 GIG you need to wipe the HDD with a Utility like Kill Disc


Then proceed to reinstall the OS.

But if you replaced a 15 Gig IDE Drive with a 500 GIG Drive that is a completely different story. You will need to look in the BIOS and see if the Drive is correctly identified and save the changes as you exit the BIOS. Most likely however the Drive will not be correctly identified as it is too big for the BIOS and in that case you will need to add a IDE Controller Card that can support a 500 GIG HDD and then install your OS from there but when the first Blue Screen Appears you'll need to press the F 6 Key and when prompted insert a Floppy into Drive A with the Controller Cards Drivers copied to it's Root.

If you don't have a floppy Drive available you can make a Slipstreamed Install Disc with something like nLite available here


and include the Controller Cards Drivers as well an any other items that you wish to. Just make sure to read the instructions for this program here though first.


Also if you do not have a XP SP2 or latter Disc you will need to slipstream SP2 to it as prior to SP2 the XP Installer could not format a HDD bigger than somewhere around the 137 GIG Mark.


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by pctechmike33 In reply to Trouble with upgrading sy ...

So you got a new case, and a new HD. You install XP- but you're not the admin? Strange- the default account when installing is admin. You will not be able to use the recovery discs, because the HD is no longer the same. I would concentrate on installing XP again without the recovery discs, and post back with your issues on installing the drivers, etc.

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recovery partition

by balge In reply to Trouble with upgrading sy ...

the small partition is a recovery partition not system partition try installing on the system partition?

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