Trouble with XP on a SSD

By kentontator ·
I am trying to install windows XP 64 bit onto a OCZ Solid State Drive. When I boot up from the cd it says that the Setup did not find any hard disk drive.

Now I have tried to install under both ACHI and ATA modes from the bios. ACHI just blue screens and ATA doesn't find the HDD.

I believe I need to add in my own driver for the SSD when windows is booting up(pressing f6) however I do not know what driver I need.

the PC is a Dell Precision T7400, I see lots of drivers on their site but am unsure which to use.

any help would be appreciated

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Hope this helps...

by pcs365_1 In reply to Trouble with XP on a SSD

Hi kentontator,

I understand you are encountering problems installing Windows XP on a SSD.

A usual way to install XP on any ssd is to first set the bios to compatibility (or ide) mode, install xp, install sata drivers, then set the bios to ahci (or sata) mode.

Otherwise, xp can exhibit the problems you describe.

Do post the results (if working or not)


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thanks but...

by kentontator In reply to Hope this helps...

Thanks for the reply, but as indicated in my original post I have tried both ACHI and ATA modes neither find the SSD

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SATA II drive?

by CG IT In reply to thanks but...

it's possible the SATA controller doesn't recognize a drive connected to it if it doesn't show up in the BIOS.

I'd check the mainboard mfg and see if there's a BIOS update for SATA II drive support.

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good call

by kentontator In reply to SATA II drive?

Ill check that out! it is sata II never crossed my mind...

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by kentontator In reply to SATA II drive?

it does show up in the bios I can see the HDD there, just not when I try to load windows.

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well here's one guy who had a problem with SSDs

by CG IT In reply to however...

and Vista 64 installs. His resolution was to unplug all the other drives. another said something about alignment and there's some info on the OCZ board about it...

I would think XP would follow along these lines as well.



they all basically say install is no different than a regular HDD. Might be a bad drive.

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able to get 7 on it

by kentontator In reply to well here's one guy who ...

I can get windows 7 installed perfectly, I read a bunch of threads from them earlier and basically found nothing to help...still gonna try what the guy below stated.

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Make sure the firmware is at the latest rev

by mafergus In reply to Trouble with XP on a SSD

You will need to go here to check for drivers depending on model you have.


also with XP on dells I a;ways have to add the intel matrix storage management or raid driver at F6 to get XP to see the SATA drive.


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Here you need to enter the Dell Service Tag to cut down the Options

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Trouble with XP on a SSD

But you need the SATA Driver copied to the Root of a Floppy which you probably do not have so making a Slipstreamed Install XP Disc is probably the way to go here.

Use nLite available free here to make this but don't forget the read the Guides on the Web Site so you know how to use it.


Then include the SAS, SAS Raid and SATA drivers in the Slipstreamed Image. The reason for this is that XP doesn't have Native SATA Support as SATA Drives became available well after XP was made.


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by kentontator In reply to Here you need to enter th ...

I actually have a USB floppy so no need to slip stream, going to try that today :)

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