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    Troubles : Geographically Distributed Agile Development


    by m_r_manna ·

    SVN, JIRA, IM’s and there are lots of other tools but my question is, what do you think – are these enough to control a geographically distributed agile development?

    I don’t think so. I am highly fan of models. Its really hard for me working in a domain without knowing it perfectly. RUP is one of the most favorite one to me for development. But when this is agile and geographically distributed team. God save me….. except developing ends are friendly enough and good in same lanuage.

    Language is the biggest barrier, i am writing in IM, trying to make other side developer understand the cirisis and he is not coming to point. haah.. life is hell.. For that reason i liked models always.. no language barriers. Universal for all. I really like UML for that. Its too cool to communicate among the developers…

    to be continued…..

    Note: plz share your experience..

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