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Troubles whit my Pc

By gmomtz ·
I?ve troubles whit my Pc, i dont know what is it, my pc start a program that dont have, but this program change of name every time that start an send an error " can?t start unb1.exe " i search this program in register of windows, in hard disk and system.ini but dont be in any places.

some body have this problem ?

L.D. dont have virus

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by FluxIt In reply to Troubles whit my Pc

Let's start from broad to narrow.

Obviously, the file is missing from your computer. Let's start by first checking the "run on start" feature in the profile manager and look in your autoexec.bat. Then look in the startup menu folder for the programs that are running.

After that you have investigated that with no joy do a search on your 'registery' for a orphan entry. There some tools available for this on the windows CD usually. You can also find registry tools online.

If all these approaches fail then I would go through each program installed to see if they are calling this file. Check first the programs on startup.

If that fails then check all your cd's for the file.

if that fails you'll be **** out of luck. Do the infamous, wipe the drive, and re-install.

if that fails then complain to Bill Gates!

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Thank you but ...

by gmomtz In reply to INTERESTING

Thank you

Already check all those steps, but doesn't go somewhere around, my application to the community is to know if somebody has had this problem, since as you mention it it is but easy re-install the software, but it stops my it is since a lot of work I have many applications: (and I would take at least you unite 3 at 6 hours of arduous work

thank you for your collaboration


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you could have a virus on your system

by cursorlinks In reply to Troubles whit my Pc

you could have a virus on your system.

If not a virus why dont you go to START - RUN - "TYPE" msconfig and un tick the filename you feel if incorporating when you startup the machine. Still thinking for more ways to sort this out and will be in touch.


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Try this

by A_Anderson In reply to Troubles whit my Pc

Perhaps you should update your anti-virus & check your system again. You also could run the "msconfig" applet to help you find and disable the file from loading when windows is starting.

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Good advice

by pnmnelson In reply to Try this

It probably would be a good idea to update you antivirus program. Norton (which I have) talks about a polymorphic virus that actually changes what it is so that it is extremely difficult to find.

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