Troubles with .ai files

I work on a HP Notebook Windows 7. When I open a file in AI CC and place any number of images, save and close the file. When I reopen the file I get this message. 'Can't open the illustration. The illustration does not have the correct number of operands for an operator... etc.' The file scan still open after this but all the placed images disappear.

I've tested placing different formats ie. JPGs, TIFs, PNGs, flattened PSDs etc. They all come up with the same error.

I've searched in Google and I haven't found a solution yet. There was a suggestion to import the AI file in INDD, this doesn't help beause all copy converts to outlines and embeds the images.

Can anyone help?

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Troubles with .ai files

by PepijndeWit In reply to Troubles with .ai files

1. Quit out of Illustrator.
2. Locate your Adobe Illustrator Prefs, make a backup copy and put it somewhere else and then edit the other:
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings\en_US\AIPrefs
3. Using a plain text editor that can search, (I used Bean) search for this string: /enableContentRecovery 0
4. Change the 0 (zero) to a 1 and save it. Do not change its filename.
2. And if it doesn’t work maybe try

AI Viewer Tool

You can look for information also here

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