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    Troubles with micro-USB cord connections


    by jadavis9 ·

    I should probably add this as a Rant and not just a Discussion but oh well. I’m not an expert at anything and probably don’t belong here but I’m just someone who is interested in tech enough to want answers and I use Microsoft Answers A LOT to try to solve my own stuff.
    I’ve had a couple of Nokia Lumia 635 Windows 8.1 phones now and I like them since they’ll sync with my Outlook 2013 using my address since it is set up using Exchange ActiveSync.
    So what’s with these micro-USB cords that are always failing to connect or to stay connected? My wife says she has no problem using the same cords that I do to charge her Android but I am CONSTANTLY fighting them. Sometimes I can’t even get one to connect and after trying for 10 or 15 minutes, I just swap to another cord and it works right away.
    So that would make it seem like the cord is the problem. So why wouldn’t my wife ever go thru this with her Android and I mean EVER.
    There are even plenty of times when my phone makes that loud noise & displays a box warning me that the battery needs charging but then each time that I plug in the cord, it shows that it is connected in the little icon in the upper right corner and then right away it blasts that box warning me that the battery needs charging and that deal somehow will always disconnect it.
    I’ve tried cleaning both the port & the cable end with an old toothbrush which some forum told me to try. They said that’s because the port has not cover and stuff can get in a keep the little delicate items from making contact.
    To that I say YEAH RIGHT. Not only do I see nothing in either piece but that wouldn’t explain the characteristics that I’ve just described.
    I’m about to just bail on these Windows phones and get an iPhone like my 2 kids have as does the rest of the world. Not only do they have foolproof cables but you can even get APPs from just about anyone to do anything and that sure isn’t the case with Microsoft’s ‘closed Store’ charade.

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