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    troubleshooing user.exe


    by shah_sar ·

    we have win95/98 client nodes
    since two days there are many pcs showing a common error page fault in module user.exe or iexplore has a problem in user.exe while accesing excel,word,notes,printing and many other applications.I tried searching on netbut no use.
    i suspect nimda virus but no sign of it on the pc.may be after effect .
    Anybody having solution pl help out asap.

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      Did you UPGRADE IE?`

      by bhackner ·

      In reply to troubleshooing user.exe

      Do you upgrade IE or patch it. Or use System File Checker to Replace USER.EXE. SFC has a BAD BUG that always says USER.EXE is corrupted.

      IE Upgrades can also cause problem. Coould be a virus, but I would check these 1st. Microsoft KB will tellyou which ver of Explorer.exe *.dll and USE.* taht work together. They also have a long ardous rundown on how to check and fix these GPF’s.

      Also, Clean boot 1 PC, WIN98SE boots ( Without CD Support) check taht bios supports bott CD 1st. If usingNAV hit C: cd progra~1 cd norton~1 cd norton~1 ( could be 2;assuming virus dev up-to-date, type NAVDX /doallfiles. Don’t know Mcafee’s ( Hate it) but concept is same. Ie use most current def to check.

      Hope that helps point you where to go. Cheers,

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      office apps and NIMDA

      by rparkforte ·

      In reply to troubleshooing user.exe

      I just recently had a similar issue with a workstation and office apps. They wouldn’t save anything due to insufficient memory.
      It turns out NIMDA was the cause.

      I used the info on this site to correct the issue. You’re looking for:
      LOAD.EXE (windows\system)
      rihed20.dll (windows\system, and other dir)
      admin.dll (windows\system)

      You need to show all files in explorer before trying to search for these files.
      Also, you will needto edit your system.ini file–>nimda creates an entry that messes with your shell=explorer.exe entry.
      Refer to the site for all the details.
      I hope this helps.
      P.S.> When trying to delete the load.exe file, windows would tell me that I ouldn’t because it was in use. So, I rebooted in safe mode to delete it.
      If you have any way of deleting files that windows is using other than doing it in safe mode, please let me know.

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