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    Troubleshoot on start-up


    by macoyjr ·

    I want to ask why is my computer hard to start or boot. It takes a lot of retarts. When restarted and its okay, it does not take long then the monitor automatically shuts down. There are other times that my cpu beeps endlessly or shortly then again and again. Please help me.

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      by amodesto ·

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      First of all unplug everything from your computer, make sure the computer is off, plug in everything back.
      If you are using windows 95,98,Me,or XP,Try this:

      START/RUN/”type” msconfig (when open System Configuration Utility, go to Startup tab and uncheck some application from the startup)

      If you are using onother OS let me know.

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      by cg it ·

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      could be a lot of things going on that would make your computer start slow or not start at all. have to give us some more details most importantly which operating system your using. Windows 9X,ME,2000,XP, Linux, Mac?

      note: cpu doesn’t beep, a temperature warning indicator might beep warning you your cpu is overheating. That would indeed cause your computer to restart, not start at all, start slowly. Can be cause by the cpu fan not operating properly. pull the cover off and then turn on your machine. if the fan turns and stops or doesn’t turn at all, turn off your computer and get another fan. Don’t run it until you do or you’ll permanently damage your cpu.

      There are other reasons your computer might beep as the BIOS has beep codes indicating a fault during the BIOS initialization process. the code of beep are BIOS dependent and consist of long and short beep sequences or a string of long or short beeps,again dependent upon which BIOS your using.

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      by ozi eagle ·

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      I agree about the cpu fan, but also check heat sink blades for dust accretion, vaccuum or blow out.

      Another cause could be faulty electrolytics on the mobo. Little round cans approx 3/8″ diam by 5/8″ tall, if bulging on top or sides they are history, with your mobo. It is possible to replace them, but very difficult, even with solder suckers, further damage to board very likely. If really desperate you could try soldering new ones across the old ones terminals, watch polarity.

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