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troubleshooting home network

By deebuff99 ·
Need help troubleshooting home office network. Only have 2 computers trying to network together. Have tried using a hub and network cables and tried just a ethernet crossover cable with same result. HELP PLEASE!!!!

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by statykserver In reply to troubleshooting home netw ...

Make sure the cable(s) is tested. After both ends are connected check that you have activity/link lights on both network cards. (If using a hub check for link lights also on hub) Also make sure that the drivers are installed for the nic cards and you might try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them. If all up to this point looks good then give each pc an ip address example:

pc1 pc2 Ip address Subnet

Also put them both in the same workgroup name

That should be all

Now share a folder to transfer files back and forth, play network games, share printers, etc. etc. etc.

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by CG IT In reply to troubleshooting home netw ...

ah first we need to know how you configured your home network to determine what, if anything is wrong. Give us the Network Card addresses you used for both machines etc etc.

Note: dump the hub, use a switch.

crossover cables are for computer to computer. Straight through cables are computer to hub/switch.

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by fanku In reply to troubleshooting home netw ...

Its very simple...

Lets talk about ur PC No - 1,
make sure that you hve install 2 lan cards.
Lan card 1 is for your internet connection
give ip address and dns as per your service providers.

and lan card 2 :
insert cable frm pc to hub
ip address :
subnet :

and restart ur pc

now talk about your 2nd PC.
give IP address
IP =
subnet =
gateway =
dns =

restart ur pc

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by razz2 In reply to troubleshooting home netw ...

It would always help to give any info you can on the systems. If
the systems are Win98 or ME then any ip changes require a
reboot. Win 2000 or XP do not.

With that said try this:

Use 2 straight cables to a switch / hub or one crossover cable
between the network cards. With 2 PC's the hub is fine, but it
should be at least a 10/100 and not just a 10Mbs. It does make
it easier if they are both in the same workgroup too, but it is not

Do the following on both computers:

1) Open the control panel

2) Open the Network Control Panel Applet

3) If XP is the OS then Right-Click the LAN connection and
choose properties. The select TCP/IP and properties

If Win98 select the TCP/IP --> network card from the list and
choose properties

4) On PC #1 set the ip address to with a subnet
mask of

5) On PC #2 set the ip address to with a subnet
mask of

6) Click OK on both and reboot if needed.

7) Now, on PC #1 go to the run command and type "cmd" or
"command" (1st one won't work in win9

At the DOS prompt type:

If you get replies you are connected. Now you can share folders
and then access them through the Network Neighborhood (9
or My Network Places (ME or XP). If the PC's are both XP then
create the same user name and password scheme on both. That
way if jsmith logs into PC 1 then when he connects to PC 2 it will
see a matching name and password to it's own. This is not
mndatory but easier in a home environment.

Good Luck,


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by wolfman_20601 In reply to troubleshooting home netw ...

are you trying to share intrenet and files?? if so dump the hub and get a d-link router ...much easier and user friendly...with that in mind you can do more with your network

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