Troubleshooting new web server setup

By jeff.friend ·
I recently purchased a managed server at I have been working to get it up and running for the past week or so wit no success. My setup is as follows:

I have a Linux Red Hat server that hosts a Linux Red Hat VMware Virtual Machine. I am using bridged networking for the Virtual Machine and both the host and the VM have a public IP.

The issue I am having is I can communicate between the host and the guest via SSH and ICMP but I am unable to run the website on the VM from my computer. I have recently had Savvis Allow all ports to narrow down what is causing my problem so I don't think it is a firewall issue. I am able to connect to the host via SSH and have access to both the host and the guest via the command prompt but that is about it. I do not have any GUI access. If anyone has any ideas what so ever for me to check in order to get this up and running I would greatly appreciate it. I getting ready to pull my third all nighter this week and its starting to drain my brain.

BTW I am currently using the exact same virtual machine on a windows box and everything works perfectly.

Thanks for whatever you can offer,


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Apache TomCat?

by robo_dev In reply to Troubleshooting new web s ...

so if you run nmap at your host name, does it show port 80 open?

What errors are you seeing?

Is this an Apache web server?

Is this VMWare ESX?

One possible conflict is that VMWare ESX uses a web-based admin console that is basically a 'mini-apache' instance, using the same ports. This might cause your Apache server to fail to bind, as the port is in use.

Can you get to the VMware admin console via the browser? Just https:\\ to the hostname.

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