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By cleeoy ·
My question is on hooking everything up. I have the Model II and it say if you do not have the disk expansion you need to put a plug in that space. Is this necessary and where would I fine one.

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by Bebelos In reply to trs 80

If you have a decent Radio Shack near you, you can ask them. Most likely, you will find that item at a garage sale or a flea market. There are some near me - I suppose there ae some near you.

I had a TRS-80 MIII. The thing your looking for is probably what's called a 'terminator'. Normally, these things were set up for two drives. The terminator presents to the circuit the right amount of resistance. Without the drives there, the circuit works right when it faces the right impedance to current flow. The terminator simply acts as if the proper number of drives were connected. I might guess at 8 ohms, but that's only a rule in audio systems.
The best strategy I can think of is to search the web under TRS80 TRS-80 and MII or M2 - you may find some digital docs out on the web.

I know the MIII and MII were different so any old docs I have may hurt more than help.

Bottom line is that the plug is simply a terminating resistor designed to mimic the drive impedance (if they were actually there.) Otherwise, parts of the circuit can overheat (too much current flow.)

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by wlbowers In reply to trs 80

Yea you need the plug!
Man ldos, 360 floppies, 48k. My first computer was a Model III.

Now where to find it.

You might try these guys.

Good Luck Ya gonna need it.


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