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By kb9oll ·
please just send me printed information as i am very seldom on line. i am however a computer hobbyest. i am trying to set up a wireless set up between my truck and my laptop.
i have a desk top in my tractor and wireless laptop. thx jim
security is not a problem as i keep all my person files on an exteral hard drive.

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A desktop in your tractor?

by Kiltie In reply to truck driver

I am not sure what you mean.


As I understand the term, it refers to the bit of a lorry that detaches from it's payload.

<<<< imagines a trucker using a DT while on the road..... yikes

Anyways a wireless DT or NB will not help you much on the road. It's too far from a source.
You could try road surfing, hoping to pick up a point, but that may be illegal, certainly unethical.

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Another email address collector?

by stress junkie In reply to A desktop in your tractor ...

Unfortunately when you email someone through the TR member email system you reveal your true email address. Since this person wants people to email information to him I suspect that he is just collecting valid email addresses.

But, here in the USA we have got wireless broadband available through several providers. The cost is about US$60 per month. Pretty sweet. I used to visit the web site of a trucker that had a web cam looking out his truck's windshield. The picture was updated several times per minute and sent to his web site. It was fun to watch.

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