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There has been much talk, and not much doing. I am going to look into the legal aspects of a "Techie Union". I beleive everyone in IT should be allowed to join(CIO and everyone underneath). We would have Expert opinions (duh!). We would have networking, and brotherhood. And I would like to offer free legal advice, defense, and trial lawyers to the offerrings! I want to make a go of this. Anyone have any comments, suggestions, complaints, thoughts, etc.? If IT of the world did unite, whowould stand against us? I don't want to go around pushing companies around, and make them kiss our feet. But, I am NOT opposed to MAKING them understand that we ARE to be respected! We are expensive, and our "toys"(equipment) are expensive, but it gets the job done faster, better, and cheaper in the long run. Why else would IT be everywhere? Let's hear it.

P.S. I need ideas, how much should dues be? Get together, and create a buying power for computer equipment second to none? What things would you like from YOUR union?

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