True size of email files?

By smurphydej ·
I received an email file to be copied to a DVD, it states it is 5.01 GB. So I went out and got a 8GB flash drive to put it on and it states not enough memory? I got a co-workers passport that has 80GB of harddrive left and it still states "not enough memory please use disk space to clean" (I did receive this data on a passport which was 250 GB and nothing else was on it but that file) Has anyone seen this issue? I am also trying to compress the file to see if that would help, is there any reason why it would states it is bigger then it shows?

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You received an email file on a hard drive ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to True size of email files?

How do you know it is an email file? What format is it?

Have you opened this file at all? What is it?

Have you tried opening the file with whatever utility it is designed for, then saving the opened file to your preferred destination?

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yes it came from a law firm

by smurphydej In reply to You received an email fil ...

This is a file for a Law Case. We receive data from clients (law firms) on DVD, CD, sometimes so old as floppy disk (yes I have one of those old pc still just to look at it) as well as hard drives. We have to convert the files for the client to open in their LAW program. When I received this harddrive it contains "Email A Stoelker.pst file". It is going from one Law firm to another and the harddrive is not being shared which is why I purchased a junk drive for the second law firm. I had an old passport that I am able to use it is 250 GB and I am now moving the data over to that. I am really confused as to why the email file states 5 GB when it is truely larger then that. I really hope all of that made sense

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This file is an Outlook Personal Folder File ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to yes it came from a law fi ...

*This file includes all E-mail folders, addresses or anything else that Outlook 97, 2K or XP collects. It has a 2GB file size limit. When approaching the 2GB limit, if Office SP-1 is not installed, Outlook becomes extremely unstable to the point of not being able to clicking on any message, folder, etc. without locking Outlook. To shrink the file, delete items from their folders and then clear the Deleted Items folder using Tools | Empty Deleted Items Folder. Outlook will compress the folder in the background while the computer is idle so you may not see a size decrease immediately.

Microsoft has a free add-in for backing up PST files. Microsoft also has a tool called Exchange 2000 Tool: PST2GB which will repair a PST file that is too large. USE CAUTION with this tool as it simply truncates the file to a size Outlook can handle and MAIL WILL BE LOST in the process.

You can make the PST file portable (maybe on a USB device) by doing the following. (1) Make certain Outlook is not using the PST file (usually directly after a restart with Outlook not loaded). (2) Copy the PST file to the USB device (or other location you want for the file) and rename the original so Outlook can't find it (be certain to change the extension from PST but save the file as a backup to the copy you made). (3) Start Outlook and when it complains it can't find the PST file and asks where it is point it to the new location for the file (USB device or whereever you wanted it). Outlook should then always look for the file in this location so you can move it from computer to computer this way.

* Excerpt from http://filext.com/file-extension/pst

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