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I know this might sound thick, but is vista al its cracked up to be , or is it a great marketing ploy. Every web-page is vista this and that , can anybody tell me if its true- all the good press. i've just got office 2007 and that is worth it compared with office 2003. Theres no comparison, I got an e-mail to get my vista package on disc, is it a con, I've just aquired a new laptop and the firm says it will install vista for just the shipping costs ?10.50. Sounds too good to be true dosn't it. E-SYSTEMS ,the firm involved. Please answer my queries cos to be honest i don't know what to believe,Surely microsoft can't be in on a con ,it was there site that I entered. So come on all you grey suited toffs ,tell me ther score.Thanks N JONES

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the reason is at cost shipping

by Dr Dij In reply to TRUE VISTA

is that companies now get cheap vista upgrade for each license I think or steep discount at least.

If this is not the company that sold you your PC then of course it IS a con.

gartner predicts vista will be the LAST microsoft operating system, that from now on will be handled in incremental upgrades (see today computerworld article)

there's a gigantic discussion on vista elsewhere on TR, why don't you read thru this?

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by njneiljones100 In reply to the reason is at cost shi ...

thanks for your reply, it is a proper shop, i got it from p.c.world but its e-system( the p.c.manufacturer who's updating), once again thanks for the advice, i've just found a site where i can download it for free so watch this space. without it i wouldnt be seeing it for i few years, bye n Jones

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Vista Upgrade

by Tig2 In reply to TRUE VISTA

I just purchased a new HP laptop that had XP Media Edition pre-installed. I was offered a Vista upgrade for $10.00 US from the manufacturer.

I will not be installing Vista for the forseeable future and am working with Linux distros to determine which of them best meets my needs.

My recommendation to you is that you make a back up of anything on the computer that you don't care to lose. Load Vista. Keep your XP disks handy in the event that the install has issues.

Do find the Vista threads and read them.

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by njneiljones100 In reply to Vista Upgrade

Thanks for your advice but you've given me another problem or I might be totaly thick haha, anyway I didnut get no xp-disc with my p.c,I've just worked it out,I got works-8.0 and notebook and they sold me the p.c as a notepad. Is it me or are they working underhand by the sales tactics. I got it from p.c.world in england. we'll have to see what happens. Also their price promise to not get it cheaper,cos their the only one's that sell that model. BYE neil

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Hey Neil

by Tig2 In reply to XP-DISCS AND VISTA

You aren't thick, you just overlooked a current common habit.

Many manufacturers have a partition that is locked on your hard drive. This partition contains a disk image.

Check with your manufacturer or PC World for a process to burn this image to CDs. If you want to go to Vista, you will need to have this.

OEMs rarely if ever ship an XP install disk. I would prefer that they do but alas, they don't consult me on these matters. But the manufacturer will often make a System disk available at little or no cost.

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