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    Truncated text in Excel


    by kasey.levine ·

    I can’t the text in my cell to show up after typing a lot of text. I have the Column formatted to wrap text. At a certain point the text at the bottom of the cell is being hidden. I have selected the cell and went to format, row, autofit – nothing, I have adjusted the height manually-nothing. The text is there, because when I click in the cell it is all in the formula bar. I am finding one solution is to click somewhere in the text and hit ALT+Enter and then adjust the cell height. This iscrazy. Any suggestions?

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      Truncated text in Excel

      by jhickman ·

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      The solution is two part (and the first you’ve already stumbled on). Cell size (height) can be a factor. The other thing I’ve used is to adjust the font size in a particular cell to a smaller size. In my experience, the font resizing has more impact than the cell resizing.

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      Truncated text in Excel

      by brookslewis ·

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      I too have had this problem. I solved it the easy way. I used Edit-Clear-All and retyped the info. However, I am looking forward to learning the correct solution.

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