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    Trunking with 7206, 3550 & 2950 Hopefully easy to anwser.


    by nbywater ·

    We are taking out a T1 and putting in fiber between sites. need help configuring fiber connection, i am a little new with this so any help will be appreciated.
    Below is a description of the layout.

    Router- 7200
    Switch-3550 fiber switch

    The 7200 and 3550 are in one location (DO ?district office)

    The 2950 is located at Hidalgo (MH) vlan ID 10 (just changed to this vlan)

    7200 has gig 0/0 with sub interfaces
    Gig 0/0.10 is the subinterface with the gateway address for the 2950 at MH
    Using dot1q

    3550 gig 0/6 connection to 2950 gig 0/2

    3550 gig 0/10 connected to 7200 gig Ethernet 0/0.1 encap dot1q 10

    Link light on 3550 interface 6 has a green light.
    No link light on 2950 at MH

    If any thing is needed to help solve this, please let me know.

    Thank you,


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