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    Trying hard to get an internship position


    by degwell ·

    hi all out there am a social scientist switching over to IT and am very good at what i do. LAN configurations and administration..the only problem is that each time i write my cv and are called for a job interview no one wants even to give me a chance to show them what i can do, they keep doubting because of the fact that i have a B.A in another field.
    Am asking how would i convince someone to let me be an intern?? by the way i have a diploma in IT from a reputable institution and are one of the fastest learners thinking of N+ and MCSE

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      I hear you!

      by house ·

      In reply to Trying hard to get an internship position

      I don’t have a BA. You have to take a serious pay cut. I have recently completed my program and have been having trouble securing employment that pays enough to able to afford my certification exams. I worked, on contract, at a Hospital; the future looks good. For now, I’m putting in my time for dirt pay at a local ISP. I’m on their help desk/tech support. This is the ideal entry level/”work” experience building position. You should consider dropping the formal CV and use a traditional resume. Don’t mention your social science status unless they ask. Don’t narrow your search to an internship. Real world experience counts more in the long-run. The IT ranks are being flooded by graduates, and employers know this.

      Another important note – don’t rely on the internet alone for your job search. I’ve submitted CVs and resumes by the truckload. The best way to find work is to talk to people. Attend chamber of commerce events, big charity dinners, and most important…let people know who you are and what your goals are. Your friends might not be IT, but word of mouth travels quickly. I’ve never been able to find work in my field on my own.

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      Advice to you for whatever its worth…..

      by packet spoofer ·

      In reply to Trying hard to get an internship position

      Internships are a somewhat rare species in the iindustry, and paid ones are even more rare, so I would contact a recruiter for a contract on a project that is 2 to 4 months or more in length…meet people rub shoulders with the industry pros and get experience….in time you will find the right opportunity, and you will gain valuable experience in the process….
      Good luck!

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      Have you tried…

      by salamander ·

      In reply to Trying hard to get an internship position

      …government? In my neck of the woods, state and local governments have several interns on the books. Plus, if you are a social science major, you may get a leg up in human services and justice agencies. Check the state web pages for openings and call their HR offices to find out what their processes are.

      Bear in mind that you would likely be doing basic support and unglamorous “other duties as assigned,” but it might be a good way to get your foot in the door.

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      Thanx all you guys out there

      by degwell ·

      In reply to Trying hard to get an internship position

      for all of you out there that gave me some responses i am greatful.

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