trying to catch my thiefing roommates

By jhazard112 ·
i am trying to find a software program or app that will record in video to my hard drive when im not home. it is already setup on my computer so they wouldnt suspect it recording but i think they are stealing from me and want to catch them. i want my webcam to record he video to the hard drive for roughly 10 hours. does anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance

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Re: "it is already setup on my computer" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to trying to catch my thiefi ...

WHAT is already set up on your computer?

Why not simply install a boot password / login password and power down?

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Scheduled task

by deity_chooch In reply to trying to catch my thiefi ...

Without knowing your OS, I'm assuming your using some style of Windows, in which case I believe you should be able to set up a scheduled task to do this. This is of course assuming you don't simply want to hit "record" and walk away. I'm not very skilled with A/V stuff, so I'd suggest searching Google for solutions on what program to use in your scheduled task.

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This is probably what you want ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to trying to catch my thiefi ...

Have a read through this other TR thread, Posts #1, #8, & #11 are the salient ones for you.


This way you don't fill your hard drive with a basically useless video file, most of which has nothing happening.

What you want is only a record kept when there's some kind of activity near the camera/computer.

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Of course they'll need to disable the monitor while doing this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to This is probably what you ...

After all it wouldn't be very cleaver to leave it active as the Alleged Perpetrators could just watch themselves and they wouldn't get suspicious that they where being recorded would they?

Though if they do see it it would most likely encourage them to take the computer as well.


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by Jacky Howe In reply to trying to catch my thiefi ...

probably not what you are after but I was having trouble with deliveries. I work from a shed at the back of my block and the delivery drivers although being told where to go always went to the front door of the house. This meant that I would have to go and pick up the (parcel) delivery from their warehouse. PITA.

I solved the problem with Remote Access. I setup the WebCam pointing to the driveway and remotely accessed it. I could watch the screen occasionally and spot the delivery. Problem solved.

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