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    Trying to change combo box value in Excel from an outside VB6 program.


    by slayer_ ·

    I got an excel document with a combobox in a cell.
    It has the values

    I have a VB6 program that opens this protected excel document, and auto fills data that we already know.

    This combobox value is vital as it changes how the spreadsheet bases it’s calculations. How can I change it’s value? The spreadsheet is not visible during the pre-population.

    For legal reasons, I am not allowed to change the document in any way. No adding code or changing layouts or anything. All my work must be contained within the VB6 program.

    It seems there are two types of Excel combo boxes. One that is done using form fill in fields that are changable even if the document is protected. And the VBA forms style which drops a windows like combo box into a cell. The latter is the one used in this document and what is causing my trouble. I need to change its value from outside. According to my boss, I am not allowed to just use a series of FindWindow and SendMessage commands to solve this.

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