Trying to chose the perfect laptop for my needs

By vbc44 ·
I am an aspiring game developer, as in I am just starting on this. I have been using programs such as Unity, Maya, Mudbox and other programs with similar style, however my laptop often can't handle these programs without glitching or freezing way more often than it should. I am looking to buy a new laptop(can't go with a home PC because I am always moving). I need a laptop that can handle these kinds of tasks without a problem and that I could also play AAA games without a hitch. I do not care about battery life or size of the laptop and my budget is under 2000$. Anyone has any suggestions?

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Well you have answered your own question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Trying to chose the perfe ...

You need a Desktop but as you are moving you need a NB.

Then you need the most powerful NB you can afford so ignore the Big Name Brands who buy their top end NB from other suppliers and look directly at those suppliers.


I'm sure that there are others but those 3 provide high end NB's to the big makers.

So start looking at NB with i7 CPU's in excess of being able to carry 16 GIG of RAM [the more the better] and make sure you fit a cool pad under it no matter what.

You are looking at a unit that has BRUTE POWER to do what you want and because NB's are portable most lack this ability as they have to be mobile and the more power that they have the more they chew through batteries.

As the current Battery Tech isn't that great they are not very dense in the power holding capacities the more powerful NB you get the shorter the battery life is going to be. The longer the battery life the more that the thing is going weigh. The slower the CPU the more you'll have issues with the high powered software you want to use and finally the longer the battery life of the unit the heaver the battery is going to be.

So you need to TRADE OFF the performance, weight and processing ability of the NB to best find what you consider the best for you.

However saying that no matter what no NB will ever come close to a desktop in performance and ease of use just the same as no desktop will come close to a Mainframe for performance.

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Best CPU Possible and GPU, Upgrade RAM

by Galacticus Prime In reply to Trying to chose the perfe ...

For video game development you'll want the fastest processor possible and the best dedicated GPU possible. 16GB of RAM is OK but could be upgraded to 32GB for best performance. I found this site in Google which has benchmark links for most specs

The larger laptops will offer the best heat dispersion which I would recommend. The thinner ones will usually be hot and noisy. Of course, your other option is a Macbook Pro if you're happy going the OS X route though the specs you'll get on a Windows laptop will probably be quite a lot better.

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