Trying to connect a modem/router to another router

By sean_crockford ·
Hey, i have a d-link DSL-500T moed/router and can currently only use
one pc at a time with it and tried to connect a Lynksis wrt54G wireless G
router to it but cant seem to get it .....tried searching similar questions
but keep getting stumped.....can anyone help? please?
just incase you are wondering i want the network to go something like
PC--->Lynksis Wireless router--->D-link modem/router--->internet
oh and this is using both the MAC and Windows trying to get it to work
on both types....thanks.

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First thing is to setup the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Trying to connect a modem ...

DSL Router with a hardwired connection once you have that working and can access the Internet, plug in the CAT 5 cable from the Modem/Router to the Uplink port of the Lynksis and then again with a Hard Wire setup to the Lynksis to have it work with the security that you want on the WiFi LAN side of things.

When this is done and you can get an Internet connection directly via the wire unplug the CAT5 Cable and setup the WiFi units on each computer and that should be all that is required unless there is something else that you want to do here other than just share the single Internet connection.


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still a bit confused

by sean_crockford In reply to First thing is to setup t ...

ok thanks will give that a try, but do i have to do anything
with the lynksis DHCP like disable it or what type of
connection do i need there is a list from (Autoconfigure -
Static ip - PPPoE - PP2P and L2TP) sorry for the trouble im
just really new at this stuff so not sure how to go about
it...i already have the internet connection from the d-link
modem/router so now i use the ethernet cable from the
modem/router to the WAN port on the Wireless router
correct? then use another computer to access the wireles
router's page a bit confused both ip's are for both the router and the modem/router
thanks for te reply though

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That makes things more interesting having the same IP Address

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to still a bit confused

But as you are directly connecting to one you can use that IP Address to access the unit that you are hard wired to, to run the setup utilities.

If you are new to this stuff just leave everything on Auto Configure as you already have a router setup so with the Lynksis setup all you need worry about is the WiFi access.

Actually it's a bit of overkill using 2 routers as this is a waste of money but as you already have these units now you may as well use them, you could have used a WiFi Access Point and got the same results though.

As for the WiFi setup this depends on what you re allowing to be sent and what Security you are prepared to implement.

Your best bet here is to follow the directions in the manual to get a working WiFi Access point and then at some latter stage go back into the setup program and lock it down but only after you ave it working properly and have had a chance to read the manual so you understand the terminology better.


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by sean_crockford In reply to That makes things more in ...

thanks anyway i found out the problem....not sure if thats
what you were saying but, found out that the router modem
and my router were fighting over the DCHP thing so changed
the mode/router to act as a modem only changed its setting
to bridge so that worked...

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by In reply to still a bit confused

In ur Wirelessrouter Web Interface You Need To select Obtain Ip Automatically In default It will Be the same so just connect ur first router lan port to ur Second router Wan port and save the settingsit would work good. Else please mail me i would like to resolve yr problem.

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I could sure use ur help on similar prob!

by signmanbarry In reply to Solution

I have westell dsl modem in main dlink switch with one comp in same office connected. (no problems)...cat5 from dlink to other end of building (170')...can connect computer (at far end of building)to internet @ only 10mps (don't know why, but that not main issue at this point)
I want to connect this end of the building to the dlinkk,with the 170' cat5 to a linksys wrt54gs so i can hard wire three comps in it and also have as many wireless laptops as i want also accessing the net...have followed numerous advice but i can only connect the one comp to the dlink and acess the net. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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