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Trying to Creating a Wireless Network

By Patrick@Work ·
I have 10 networks with 16 users. I want to connect them all using wireless. Store files on a main server.

Using a Windows Server for DHCP I connect it to wireless access point. I then installed a wireless card in dedicated computers on each network. I then use WinXP Pro to bridge the wireless LAN card to the wire LAN card.

When I do this I can no longer get an IP.

When the wireless is not bridged I can get an IP on the wireless card from the server.

What am I doing wrong?

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by cp7212 In reply to Trying to Creating a Wire ...

Are you using a wireless bridge? Have you assigned a SSID to all of your devices, including your bridge? Where do you not get an IP? If it is your clients, have you tried ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew? Are you using a WEP? If so, it must be on all devices.

What brand is your WAP? What brand are your wireless cards? Are they 802.11a? b? g? Have you checked to make sure there are no known issues?

Post some answers and/or go into a little more detail and we will see what can be done.

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by gc In reply to Trying to Creating a Wire ...

Try it without the bridge on a few of the pc's and see what happens. I killed the bridges at an office I inherited and it works better now.
Make sure the DHCP in the access point is disabled as well

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Access Point Connection

by rob.lay In reply to Trying to Creating a Wire ...

To start with are you sure you have a proper connection to the access point?? Most access points will show you the clients which are connected to that AP. Is your troublesome unit actually associated to the access point?? Also, are you using security of any sort. A good starting point is to turn off all the security and just get a connection in stages, first on the wireless to the AP, then onto the wired through the AP, test it by using an application layer app over the network this confirms that you have a full working connection. Once you have a connection document the settings and then start adding security in stages. WEP is a common problem, with WEP you will be able to get an association to the AP but not through to the wired connection.

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by Jadium In reply to Trying to Creating a Wire ...

Are all of these networks located in the same building? Perhaps you could just try bridging with access points instead of with the cards/computers. You would be working with less equipment, so there would be a great chance of success.

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